Sid - My One True Obsession

2photoIt would seem silly to spend all of this time describing myself, services, team and what I love, without mentioning Sid. Anyone who knows me, knows that Sid, my 6 yr old yellow lab, is my favorite living thing on the planet.  He spends his days by my side, shedding, drooling and generally looking pitiful. Unless he is in training for the "tennis ball- fetching" Olympic style games.  He takes it VERY seriously. I have had him since he was a pup, my friends surprising me one year for my birthday. I selfishly take him whenever I can where ever I travel, and he has come to love, (alright tolerate) hotels, elevators, New York city, car rides and rest stop food. He has a huge fan club, one can not help fall in love with his goofy, gentle nature.  So please allow me these photos, it would seem disrespectful if I did not pay him some sort of homage.