Up & Away

main thumbnail imageI have been exploring Maine more often recently. Although I have lived here for a 8 years, (yikes, time flies) I have not devoted the proper amount of time to buzzing about locally. In an effort to rectify this, and thanks to two very good friends, I spent some of the prettiest days I could imagine, along and off the mid-coast this fall. Both of these beautiful gals are not only style goddesses, but amazing company to be around.

The first being Meg, her family has had land and 6 lovely rustic cabins on the island of North Haven for a billion-trillion years. It's frozen in time and unlike anything I have ever seen. Ooozing with charm and sophistication. We spent one glorious day rearranging one of the houses. I was in heaven. * More pictures to follow. fingers crossed, we may do the remaining 5. The other friend is Jan, who has a home up in Tenants Harbor. The property sits among the prettiest woods and is such a retreat. She is my "hostess hero" who not only graciously shares her home but also her story.